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Bring life to your 3D virtual environments with spatial audio and realistic sound behavior, all based on physical simulation.

Dynamic reverb engine

Sphere is an advanced dynamic reverberation engine supporting the top industry standard 3D engines. Geometry-based simulation enables life like audio rendering to achieve greater consistency between audio and graphics.

Natural listening experience

Sphere is more than a conventional reverberation knob. Its hyper realistic Sound Propagation algorithms compute Distance, Occlusion, Diffraction and Reverberation in real-time to match the exact listener and audio sources positions. It computes impulse responses to perform real-time convolution and get a very natural listening.

Acoustic properties

All rich sound propagation phenomena are automatically rendered based on the 3D environment’s geometry and materials you defined using our dedicated tool: Meshforge.

Accurate and tunable

Sphere provides industry-grade auralization for the one aiming at realism first. However, thanks to its tuning capabilities Sphere also fit perfectly in the most creative projects when emotion prevails realism.

Sphere is the precise tool for audio and graphics synergy

All Crucial sound propagation Phenomena rendered

Sound roll-off

Sound Roll-Off over distance

With distance, sound level goes down. Depending on air temperature and humidity, higher frequencies energy will decrease faster than lower.


Sound waves can travel through walls or objects. The materials used in the geometry define what you will hear on the other side.

Sound diffraction


Sound waves can “turn” and reach a listener behind a corner or an obstacle. Sphere is the only one real-time engine to compute and auralize diffraction in real-time.

Echo & reverberation

Just like light, sound bounces on every surface it encounters. Each reflection continues its journey, creating more and more reflections. They form a spatialized reverberation surrounding the listener.

By simulating each sound propagation phenomenon, Sphere provides a high level of realism

Acoustic properties with Aspic MeshForge

Meshforge helps you create a consistent audio geometry. Fully integrated in Unity3D, it allows you to specify materials for faces and objects. You can expand the provided material library with your own acoustic properties.

Sphere does not use pre-computed room presets. Thanks to its unique process, it delivers precise and accurate audio rendering based on your actual 3D environment.

Sphere is available as a plugin for multiple 3D engines. We maintain huge effort to keep this list growing. If your favorite engine is not listed here, or if you wish to use Sphere as a software library, please contact us!

unity3d plugin
unreal engine plugin
wwise plugin

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