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Aug 28th, 2017

Two Virtual Reality experiences presented in 2017 Venice International Film Festival powered by Aspic Technologies 3D audio solutions

This year, the Venice International Film Festival announces its first competition for films made in Virtual Reality. Aspic Technologies software has been used on two VR movies presented during the festival, Proxima by Mathieu Pradat and Alteration by Jérôme Blanquet.

The user is not a spectator anymore in these 360° interactive experiences. Even if the script goes on like a regular movie, the user has the choice to look in the direction wanted. This directly modifies what she/he sees and hears. In order to guide him through the VR experience, new ways of telling stories have to be invented. “It was very motivating, everything has yet to be explored.” Jérôme Blanquet.

To achieve this challenge, Okio Studio -producer of Alteration– has collaborated with Saint Georges Studio and Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Lab to create innovative VFX.
For spatial audio, they have chosen Aspic Technologies’s audio postproduction workflow and rendering algorithms, Aspic CinematicVR. “The job done by the team including Saint Georges, Schmooze, and Aspic Technologies has contributed substantially to the awards we received » Jérôme Blanquet.
Alteration has been rewarded with the “best narrative design” prize at the New York Tribeca film festival.

Aspic Cinematic VR - studio

Aspic Cinematic VR has offered the sound mixer tools to spatialize audio materials in sync with her/his preferred digital audio workstations. With real-time audio and video monitoring in the HMD, audio mixer and director have constant feedback on the final result. “We wanted to build a VR tool that audio mixers could use easily without giving up their usual workflow”. Marc Muller, CEO at Aspic Technologies.

Besides providing crucial tools to mix in VR, Aspic Technologies rendering algorithms has been embedded in the Alteration application available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. “It combines ambisonics and audio objects to enable precise spatialization and some innovative interactions like Aspic MixFocus.” Quentin George, CTO at Aspic Technologies.
“Aspic MixFocus was very interesting to create dreamlike spatial immersions for key scenes of the movie » Jérôme Blanquet.

Alteration is available on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.
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