Installation and License

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Aspic AppLauncher

The first step is to get the AppLauncher, the launcher is designed to provide you all the tools to install and manage your projects using Aspic Technologies products.

  • Get the latest news
  • Install and keep your installations up to date
  • Manage your Licenses keys
  • Contact us

The latest Aspic AppLauncher is available on the company main website.

The AppLauncher Welcome page. img AppLauncher Welcome page

Get A License

Use the “Aspic Sphere” button on the left menu to open the dedicated page, the top panel of this page display your current Licenses for Sphere, the bottom panel will help you download and install Sphere plugins.

The AppLauncher Sphere page. img AppLauncher Sphere page

1. Request a Trial License

You can request a trial License for free. If you wish to get a retail License please contact us first.

2. Create an account

If you are not logged, or don’t have any account yet, a popup will request your e-mail adress to link it with the trial license. Your password will be directly send to your mailbox, login once you received it and come back to this page to proceed to the next step.

3. Generate the License

Once a license has been granted you must first generate it before being able to use it. The license generated is unique and made solely for your account using your computer unique features has footprint.

This mean the generated license will be associated not only with your account but also with the computer used when generating it, be sure to use your developpement machine for this step.

A license ready for generation. img AppLauncher Generate License

A valid license will look like this once generated and linked to your computer. img AppLauncher valid License

Install Sphere

Once your License is generated you can download the relative Sphere installers, simply select the version you wish to use in the download list.

The plugin version available for download. img AppLauncher Sphere download

A version of Sphere can contain multiple installers, one for each platforms suported. Use the Install menu to launch the Sphere installer who will guide you in the installation of the Sphere plugin in your project. You can also find the stand-alone installers in the installer directory if you wish to use them outside the applaucher.

The plugin version ready for deployement. img AppLauncher Sphere install

Last step, use the “To Unity” or “To Wwise” button to copy the License in your project directory once the installation is completed

A License ready to deploy in projects. img AppLauncher valid License

Please see the relative documentation for Unity or Wwise to continue.