Installation and License

In this section we will see how to get Aspic Technologies Launcher, request your first trial license and install the latest CinematicVR version available.

Note: If you wish to use our player SDK, please contact us directly.

Every product developed by Aspic Technologies can be downloaded and installed using the Launcher. Once installed, the Launcher will auto-update whenever required and will help you:

  • Get the latest news
  • Install products and keep your installations up to date
  • Manage your Licenses keys
  • Contact us

It’s home page looks like this: img Home page

1. Get the Launcher

The latest Launcher download link can be obtained by contacting us.

Please execute “AspicTechnologies_Installer.exe”, accept our License agreement, and proceed through installation.

2. Get a license

Using the menu, go to CinematicVR tab. img CinematicVR page

Since you don’t own an account, we will ask for both a trial version and an account at the same time.

Click on “Obtain a trial version”.

Please provide a valid email adress and hit “Ok”.

You will receive an email with your password.

3. Connect to your account

Using the menu, go to Login tab. img Login page

Paste your email and password, then hit ‘Connect’

4. Activate your trial license

Go back to CinematicVR tab.

In the “Your licenses” area, you will see that a Trial license has appeared.

Click “Attach license to this computer”. It will finalize the license activation for this computer.

img Trial licenses

The next step is to set this license as active. This will be usefull later if you own multiple license and want to switch between them.

img Trial licenses

Your license should now be active and valid (check the green light on the left).

5. Download CinematicVR

Now that you have a valid license, the “Install” button should be available.

Click on “Install”, choose the latest version available, then Standalone, and finally hit “Download this version”.

img Get latest CVR version

After download, you have the possibility to install CinematicVR. Please proceed through installation.

CinematicVR is now installed on your computer, you will find it in the Start Menu. It can also be launched directly from the Launcher, hitting “Launch”!

6. Additionnal downloads

In order to ensure CinematicVR works fine on your computer. You will also need to install:


Windows Smart Screen has protected me, what does that mean?

CinematicVR is a new software and not widely spread yet. Therefore, it is possible that Microsoft security policy may prevent you from installing CinematicVR. If you meet this system, called Smart Screen, you can tell him that you don’t want to be protected just this time, and keep on with our installation process.

Why is install button disabled?

Install button will be available if you own a license, valid or not. If the button is disabled, please ask for a trial, or contact us to purchase a license.

Why is launch button disabled?

Please install CinematicVR. This button will launch the latest CinematicVR that was successfully installed on your computer.

I cannot see any license in the “Your licenses” area

Either you don’t own a license or you are not connected to your account.

If you dont own a license, please ask for a trial or contact us directly. If you are not connected, you can use the password you received by email, or ask for a new password, using “Forgot your password?” in Login tab.

It seems that my license is invalid

Trial licenses are valid for a period of 30 days. This period begins the day you attach the license to your computer. If your license is invalid:

  • either your license has expired,
  • or it is attached to another computer.

To move a license, or request a longer trial, please contact us directly.

How can I remove/uninstall CinematicVR and/or the Launcher?

  1. To Uninstall CinematicVR Use Windows Add/remove programs menu, or execute the uninstaller located at “C:\Program Files\Aspic Technologies\CinematicVR\Uninstall.exe”
  2. To remove local CinematicVR installer In the Launcher, go to CinematicVR tab. Under the “Install” button, for each version, you have the possibility to remove the installer.
  3. To Uninstall the Launcher Use Windows Add/remove programs menu, or execute the uninstaller located at “C:\Program Files\Aspic Technologies\Launcher\Uninstall.exe”

Why is “Obtain a trial” disabled?

You you already have requested a trial with for account, you won’t be able to ask for a new one. If your trial is still valid, just login. If your trial has expired, contact us.